Tekaccess STP

TekAccess Science and Technology project (TSTP) was formed in 2019, out of the need to address the problems of science and technology in Ghana.

The object of the project is to:
i. Advocate for a new way of learning and teaching of science and ICT.
ii. Provide pupils and students with a more affordable, accessible but quality science equipment that would enhance the teaching and learning of science and ICT in primary, junior and senior high schools.
iii. Develop new methods and strategies that would promote the use of modern technology in the development of Ghana.
iv. Research into local material development.
v. Research into development of new products from our local raw materials.
vi. Apply biotechnology to promote national development in the areas of material science, aquaculture, food production.

Science Equipment Project
This would involve the provision of simple, affordable, accessible equipment to pupils and students at the primary, junior and senior high schools for effective teaching and learning of science and ICT.
This would be carried out in various phases over a period of 20 years.
It is expected that, by the end of the third year of the project, there would be an evolution in the way of teaching and learning of science and ICT in Ghana